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We've Planned For Your Future. With Us.

Harcourts Collective is a team focussed on Growth. The asset growth of our clients, the personal and professional growth of our team and the potential growth of those who are looking ignite their real estate career with us. 


Should you be considering a career change or looking for a platform on which to develop a game-changing career, then you have arrived. 


Resumes and confidential discussions are best directed to Trent Shorland via at email or on 0413 519 954.


Passion led you here.  Join us.

Join Us for the Support

Be Lifted to Greatness

Harcourts is a team where elevating each other to the next level creates success. Surround yourself with people who collaborate, not compete – people who’ve got your back, share your ambition, and are invested in your success. We’ve structured our business on corporate, regional, and local teams to create an interconnected support network.


At every level, you can depend on steadfast backing: practical advice when things get tough, inspiration to see it through and celebration of every win, big or small.

Join Us for the Culture

You Belong Here

Pursure your dreams, surrounded by like minded people. From the top-down, Harcourts is about courage, integrity, fun and people like you. Without exception, we put people first - our team and our clients. Doing the right thing is at the core of every decision made across out network, as are transparency and honesty. We value your individuality, your potential and your willingness to take up new challenges. And we get that having fun along the journey goes hand-in-hand with achieving your next level. 


Join Us for the Technology

We Don't Play the Game, We Change the Game

Our industry-leading digital platforms and technologies equip you to unleash your true potential. With Harcourts you are ultra-connected via a fully integrated, streamlined system. Our responsive, client-centric technologies are at the forefront of real estate. In 2015 Apple profiled our mobile apps as market-leading technology - we're the only global agency to achieve that recognition. Techno-brilliance designed to help you succeed.

Join Us for the Opportunity

Your Best is Yet to Come

It's simple - in a sizeable global organisation, opportunity knocks more often. The sky's the limit. Chart your journey to greatness within a multi-channel, many-layered company purposed to create success and take you to the next level. Opportunities emerge through our many diverse disciplines: residential property, commercial, rural and regional, auctioneering, property management, administration and corporate roles. Your future path can track both outward and upward.

Join Us For the Training

Know More, Be More

Our award-winning Harcourts Academy delivers learning with no limits - world-leading, ultra-accessible and incredibly relevant. Even a seasoned professional can leap to the next level with targeted training. The Harcourts Academy conducts more than 1,300 training programs each year, transferring the know-how, skills and motivation to more than 11,500 attendees. It's training on an epic scale, delivered when and where it's needed. Learn online, in groups, via expert panels or one-on-one with a mentor. Knowledge is power. 


Join Us for the Foundation

Pay it Forward

Through The Harcourts Foundation, our every success enriches the communities we serve. We take our social responsibility very seriously. As professionals and as people, we're powerfully connected to our communities. In six years, The Harcourts Foundation has raised more than $3.8M. It's a 100% charity - every dollar is distributed to support others through sponsorships, program grants and charitable donations. How we raise the funds varies across out networks and teams: through events, workplace donations, salary giving and a percentage of every property sale. Paying it forward binds us together and is a source of pride for our global team.                                                                                     

Join Us for the International Opportunity

Step-Up to the Power of Global

Harcourts is truly international - a team of thousands working across 830 offices in 10 countries. What can a 10,000 strong global team achieve? Every ten minutes someone buys a Harcourts property. Every 15 minutes a tenant moves into a Harcourts managed property. Every hour we sell $3M of residential, rural and commercial property. Our powerful connections and global touch points leverage language, opportunities and potential to create amazing momentum and results. Where will it drive your success?